Take A Scenic Boat Ride To Lake Pontchartrain
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This is the Tchefuncta River where its empties into Lake Pontchartrain.
The lake is about two miles from the boat launch at the Fairview State Park. Many people go crabbing in this area.
It is also one of the better fishing places where you can catch trout about 50-100 yards southeast of the metal structure in the mouth of the river.

Many visitors use the launch for access to the calm waters of the Tchefuncte River or the exhilarating expanse of Lake Pontchartrain. So you have your choice of fresh water fishing or saltwater fishing. Just be careful when going out into the lake. Storms can come up quickly and the lake can get very rough in a matter of minutes.

If you are staying at the Fairview Riverside State Park you can launch your boat from there and take a short ride to the lake. You will pass by the
Town of Madisonville where there are many larder
boats docked. It is a great site seeing trip.

   There are 3 ways you can crab. You can use a round net and tie a chicken neck in the center and set it out for 15 minutes to a half hour and then pull it up wit a string attached and hope you have a crab or two in it. Another is just tie a chicken neck to a string and throw it out into the water and let it sink to the bottom. When you see the string move you have a crab biting. Pull the string up slowly and have a scoop net ready to try to get under the crab without scaring him off. Another way is with a fishing pole and some shrimp. The crabs really like the shrimp. Sometimes you will be fishing and you think you have a bite but instead it will be a crab. Real your line in slowly and be ready with the scoop net. The crabs really like to hold on to the shrimp. All I can say is good luck. That what you need when you go crabbing. You have good and bad days and it is a hit and miss. It is a lot of fun if they are biting.

I hope this has been a help to you. I have crabbed in this spot many times. I have had days when I have caught none and days I've caught 2 dozen in a couple of hours. I go for the fun.


Across the river from this boat launch on the other shore is a sandy beach shown in the picture below. Many boaters make this a stopping place.