Boating and Fishing on the hefuncta

Boat Launch At Fairview-Riverside State Park

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The Tchefuncta River runs along side of the State Park  on 2 sides. This is a very wide and deep river making it an excellent place for water sports. During the summer you will see people water skiing and riding wakeboards up and down the river. This river empties into Lake Pontchartrain about a mile south of the park. Lake Pontchartrain is brackish water and has some good fishing around the Causeway Bridge about a mile out from Mandeville.

There is a boat launch (below) at the park and plenty of parking. You can fish along the bank and catch brim, perch (picture to right) and bass. The fish like to lie around the cypress tree stumps in the shallows. If you see a submerged tree there will usually be fish there. Many people use artificial bait like tube jigs and small spinner bates. If you like to fish with live bait then night crawlers (large worms) under a bobber will catch those brim. The catfish that are in the river are channel cats or blue cats. Worms will do well at catching the catfish. Fish on the bottom with a weight is the best way to catch the catfish. Catfish have no scales. What you have to do is skin them with a pair of special pliers that grabs the skin. If you are good at it you can skin a cat with one pull. Some people hammer a nail into a tree and hang the catfish on it. Then they make a slight cut in the skin just under the two front fins. Be careful of the fins. They can stick you and cause and infection. So if you get stuck make sure you bleed it and then put an antiseptic on it.

Below - Boat Launch At Fairview Riverside State Park
This is the waterway from the boat launch out to the river.

You may get to see a "Manatee" like the one above while at the boat launch. They are usually about the size of a small baby elephant. They like to eat lettuce and cabbage.
(Left)-Concrete Boat Ramp                                     (Right)-Fish cleaning station